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Handmade market, Victoria Street, Georgetown, Penang

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shopping @ One Utama (26/04/09)

Shopping is fun right? Well, probably, you will think shopping is not fun at all due to monetary. Despite of shopping / window-shopping, for sure you will be entertained. As for me, shops to get some inspiration & needs only. Rest as well.... Heheheh....

Today, I went to One Utama with my friend. Walking for 4 hours plus is tiring & I am not able to visit all shops. Anyway, the shopping complex is too BIG. Pop into few shops to get some items. Wondering, if one day, they can rent out some small bicycle-motorbike (I dunno what is the actual product name... but I saw it before... it was a small platform for you to stand & all you need to do is just press the button to run it.) & we no need to walk... Hahah.... Getting lazy right. Anyhow, it is still costly.

Okay, what I have really shop there.

1) I went to 2 craft shops. One of the craft shop have all Penny Black's products. I really in love with Penny Black products..... but expensive oohhh..... Well, Eva loves something inexpensive, high quality & quantity. Waahahahh....

Bought 5 colors of ink stamp & 2 stamping. Both are from different shops.

2) I need a bag. I have been hunting it for few months. None of them suits what I wanted. I am not hunting for branded stuffs but just a normal & non-branded bag. Some was too low quality, too small, not durable, etc. Past few years, the bag quality is good. Last time, I love MAPLE bags. However, right now, the bags seems not durable. (Sigh*)

I went to MOMOE....My favorite brand when I was in college time. Just admire & did not buy it. However, I bought a bag from MOMOE. 50% discount bag. So, it is about RM 40 plus. Not bad right? They do have 20% discount for other bags as well. (I am not promoting any brand here...)

Nice plastic bag & my 50% discounted handbag. Wahahaha.... Suits for office & casual outing.

Oh, there is something special about this bag.. Ta da.... a key chain with few charms on it. Worth it for the price right?

3) I bought 2 clothes & a pair of earring at Pink Evil's Fashion Supermarket. It is a new shop which open a week plus only. (This info I get from the promoter. So, if it is not correct, don't blame me). Well, I can say they have different branding in their shop. I just bought the brand namely "Chocolate Martini". I think I heard before but I could not remember. Just in case you girls know, let me know ya.

Get a free Glitter bags with purchase of RM 150.00 above & discount voucher of RM10.
Not sure the promotion is until when.

A nice star earring right?
Eh, don't say I did not wear my own designs. I did wear it. Hahaha...

The tag attached with the clothes I bought. Nice tag right? Some I saw there is a flower cards too.

Before ending my blogging of this entry, anyone loves animation miniature? I am one of the fan for One Piece animation. I did not buy the miniatures but admiring it....

Few pictures that I took quietly from outside of this shop. Not going to review the shop name.... I hope the shop owner won't mind about this. Hey, after all, if someone reads my blog, they search for your shop & buy from you. Not bad right?? Haahahhah...

This one is from Final Fantasy. A bit of Dragon Ball, Death Note, etc.

Good night.


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miscell said...

Since you participate in bazaars, thought you should know of these two in case you missed them out in your search.
http://miscellany4u.blogspot.com/2010/11/fashion-bazaar_07.html and http://miscellany4u.blogspot.com/2010/11/fashion-bazaar.html

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