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Handmade market, Victoria Street, Georgetown, Penang

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Date: 29th Jun 2013
Day: Saturday
Time: 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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Next Bazaar - Creative Muse at The Weld on 11th June 2011

Yan's Crafty participating in Creative Muse at The Weld.

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Date: 11th June 2011
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kolam Making Competition @ The Weld - 10 Oct 2009

Hi Everyone...

How's life going on? Well, as for me.... busy busy busy... Heheh...

Today @ 10/10/09, I participated in Kolam Making Competition organized by The Weld. The team should have 3 persons in a team & the design theme is ONE MALAYSIA.

It is real hard for us to come out what we should do for it. A lot of ideas came into our mind & tried to put it in together. Despite of it, I sketched the design several times..... & finally the design should looks like this...

So, do you think it came out as expected? Nay, not really. Cos drawing 1D is definitely easy with pen /pencil. When it comes to KOLAM, it is really hard. WHY?? Cos all of us never did it before. Our first time to do so... Heheh.....

Rumi: Filling the hibiscus with colored rice (red + orange).

We started the design with our Malaysia national flower = Hibiscus. It's kinda hard.

Material used: Corn flour, colored rice, biji sago (green), white rice & shiny dust powder.

Well, we did not follow exactly the design on the sketch.

Eva: Drawing the ketupat outline.

Both of us posing in front of the camera man.

So, are you wondering where is my another team mate? Haha... Actually I forget to ask some snap the photo. Sorry ya, Lissa. ^_^

It is only 2 hours for us to complete the KOLAM. Our team starts with me, later Rumi joined & lastly Lissa. Of course, a lot of people asking where is my team mate. Nevertheless, everyone came. Phew!! Thanks to Rumi & Lissa who came even tough her family / herself is not feeling well. Being a mom is not easy as I can say.

Our results of KOLAM design is as below picture.

(L: Front view. | R: Side view.)

Mr. Jega from India Cultural Art Association (hopefully I spell the name & association correctly) guided us a little bit of the Kolam art. He is real good teacher / artisan. A lot of advice, comment, critic (sorry if I say so - it's true from my heart) from him..

1. Contemporary arts.
2. Naive arts.
3. One type of art which can be found in India. (confirmed by my team mate as well)

1. Made a mistake on the purple dust on the white rice.
2. If view from the above, the dust will looks like a spot.
3. My team member a little bit late.. (who cares. they are not feeling well but at last they came.)

1. TRUE (the spot facts). But, we don't give it a damn on it cos first time & trial. For us, it still looks good.

Real team plays hard work to do it. YEAH!!

The judges came to look at every Kolam being made by 9 teams. We have to explain our theme as well. It is not easy cos is just like presentation. Hahaha..

As a result, what we gained? Consolation prize award - a hamper & complimentary cash vouchers from The Weld.

(L: Our prize. | R: Us with our Kolam & hamper.)

Oh, we looked around for VVIP for photography session.

Us with Beverly.

Us with one of the judges.

Us with Mr. Jega. Personally, he is a great advisor. Real artisan. Learn a lot from him today.

Thereafter, we went to Deli-France for our lunch. Real hungry.... We opened up the hamper & see what is inside the envelope.

What's inside?

Hohoho.... Cash vouchers from LINEN & Things, Automatter Facial Express, Pristine Dry Cleaning & Laundry & O'Briens.

My super delicious lunch after all the hard work.

My treats from my team mate. Thank you.

It was tiring day for 3 of us. Last but not least, a good team work & experience. Learn the cultural of Malaysia. 1 Malaysia, Truly Asia.

The view of the area of all the KOLAM view.....

Stay tuned ya!

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