Handmade Market @ Victoria Street, Georgetown, Penang

Handmade market, Victoria Street, Georgetown, Penang

Venue: Hong Teik Cheng Sim Temple, Georgetown, Penang
Date: 29th Jun 2013
Day: Saturday
Time: 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

New Site for Art and Craft

Yan's Crafty

Next Bazaar - Creative Muse at The Weld on 11th June 2011

Yan's Crafty participating in Creative Muse at The Weld.

Venue: Concourse LG, The Weld, 76, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Date: 11th June 2011
Time: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vacation @ Singapore - 16th July 2010 (Night) til 17th July 2010 (Morning)

Thank you for stay tune with me. Sorry for the late update as I was busy with my assignment...Please bare with me ya!

This year I have my first oversea trip (boohooo...... Well, is true cos I am not as fortunate compared to others) to Singapore.

In this section, I will share my interesting walking tours in Singapore & my experience in this trip. Well, of course, planning the trip is not easy. If you plan not to have any headache planning the trip, you might opt to follow tours.

How to get to Singapore? There are many ways: Airplane, Car, Buses & Trains (KTM).

I went to Singapore using KTM. You might be thinking why do I choose this option cos airplane & buses are faster. There are reason behind why I choose to take KTM instead.

First: Always heard many accidents / robbery to the South.
Second: I had never tried sit train to other city. (This exclude Putra LRT & ERL)

Fare / Route:
The fare you can obtain from KTM website.

My trip: Sitting place @ RM34/person
Train chosen: Night train
Route: KL Sentral, KL to Tanjong Pagar, SG.
Time consumed: approx. 10 hours.
Where to purchase: KTM Intercity booth, KL Sentral, K.L.
Personal advice:
1. KTM Intercity is different than KTM Komuter. KTM Intercity is located opposite the hotel & near the taxi coupon booth.
2. Do remember to purchase return ticket. If you purchase in SG, it will costs you SGD34/person. Same value but change in currency only.

The trip starts from KL, Sentral. Sitting train was a great experience for me. You can listen to the railway track all the way to Singapore. KTM staff pushed their foods trolley to sell foods & drinks. Of course, I get to sleep in the train but sometimes you need to get up as you do not want to miss the stop right?

We reached Woodlands checkpoint for custom checking.

Checkpoint: Woodlands
Document required: White card (available at custom) & passport
What to bring down? Your luggage.

Thereafter, we hopped into the train again to reach Tanjong Pagar. You may exit at Woodlands as well too.

Story to continue at the following posting. Stay tuned.

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